What you Give to the Environment Comes Back to You. Our mission is to promote and provide environmental friendly programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and promote sustainable WASH delivery  



1. We Facilitate and Implement Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) at community Level

2. We organize workshop on CLTS for NGOs and Governmental agencies, LGAs etc on sanitation and hygiene promotion, H iv/Aids awareness and counselling, HSE (Health Safety and Environment), Breast Cancer awereness and self examination etc


3. We Implement School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) in Primary and Secondary schools using CLTS concept

4. We promote the use of WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) approach in achieving the MDGs through Mass Awareness/Public Sensitization/Campaign/Community Triggering and Project Execution


5. We carry out awareness creation through the Radio and Television on:

 Environmental Pollution


 Environmental Sanitation

 WASH promotion


 Community and School Sanitation

 Hygiene education


 How to mitigate ill health through sound sanitation practices and hygiene promotion\

 Emergency Contingency Alert Advocacy


 6. We Carry out Awareness Creation through other media (e.g. News Paper, Magazines, Internets, Network Packages like: SMS, MMS, Bulk SMS Alert, Acct Bal. Message etc)

7.   We Advocate WASH Approach in Mitigating the effect of HIV/AIDS and Preventing HIV/AIDS


8.   We carry out Baseline Survey on WASH project  

9.   We carrying out baseline survey on potential pollution sources to surface and underground water sources









10. We respond to environmental disasters and distribute Relief Materials

11. We carry out Construction of Water points and they include:

 Improved Well

 Well with Hand Pump

 Borehole with Hand Pump

 Borehole with Submersible (Motorized) Pump with Reservoir, Generator, PHCN with Minimum Distribution (Source Point Distribution) or Street Stand Pipes

 Solar Borehole with Reservoir; Minimum Distribution (Source Point Distribution) or Street Stand Pipes       

12. We carry out Construction of Sanitation Hardware and they include:

 Sanitation Block

i.   Construction of SANPLAT (Sanitation Platform) for Pit Latrine

Ii.   Construction of VIP (Ventilated Improved Pit) latrine with Handwashing facility and Urinal apartment Same Block, male toilet only. Eco-San Designed Oriented 

Iii.  Construction of VIP latrine with Handwashing facility and Urinal apartment Separate Block, male toilet only

Iv.   Construction of Pour Flush Toilet (Indoor and Out Door Types) with Urinal and Handwashing Facilities

V.  Construction of Conventional Septic Tank Soak-Away Toilet with Urinal and Handwashing Facilities

 Construction and Equipping SANI-CENTERS (Sanitation Centers) in Rural Communities

13. We Prepare and Provide IEC (Information Education and Communication), BCC (Behavioural Change Communication) and ACC (Attitudinal Change Communication) Materials for step down training on WASH Promotion

14. We carry out Consultancy Work on all the aforementioned areas